Past, Present, and Future

Hear Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, funds, and hope to address the current genocide occurring in Sudan/Darfur by holding annual benefit concerts. Hear Hope is in its first year of operation and is working hand in hand with Direct Change to provide aid to the Sudan. Hear Hope is not only dedicated to raising awareness about the genocide in Sudan/Darfur, but also to show that when people are united; whether you are old or young, world famous or a community leader, we as a people can bring hope to a sometimes seemingly hopeless situation.

Though the first benefit concert has not even taken place yet, we are already contacting artists about playing next year’s show. We are going to make next year’s show even bigger and better than this year’s! Our goal is to reach the ears of more and more people with the message that there is hope through knowledge, awareness, and unity! We also want to stress that giving back, giving hope, and helping should be an enjoyable experience, and that is the vibe that we at Hear Hope want everyone to feel!

Direct Change

Direct Change builds grassroots financial support for community based African projects that are effective in directly helping children. Launched in December 2006, Direct Change already spends more on programs that help children in Africa than on startup and operational costs. To increase American grassroots public support for African projects, Direct Change has developed an innovative approach that empowers supporters by providing them with the tools to raise support for the projects of their choice.

Instead of spending donations on a bureaucracy to disperse aid, each project is carried out by efficient partner organizations. All of these organizations are either African-based groups with low overhead costs or American groups that spend 100 percent of funds received from Direct Change on their programs and activities in Africa.